All of your everyday bag essentials when it is sunny outdoors

Now that the daytime is becoming a bit longer and the temperatures are rising, you may invest entire days outside walking through the city: below is what to invariably take with you.

This is true in every season, but becomes even much more influential when the temperatures rise and you invest a bunch of time under the sun: you must remember to stay hydrated! A bottle of water is amongst the most crucial things to put in a handbag, especially in summer. While you should already be drinking around two litres of water a day, this indicative quantity can rise when it is hot outside, so remember to carry a reusable bottle, like the ones distributed by Chilly’s business partnership – you will not just stay hydrated, but likewise help the planet!

As summertime and springtime come, and with them, sunny weather, you can once and for all renovate your wardrobe with some in-season accessories: hats, for sure, or even some light denim jackets that will make your indoor work outfit seem trendy and interesting when you go out. One thing that is certainly part of the essentials in a woman’s handbag (or man’s!) is a good pair of sun glasses: you don’t want to be squinting in those park pictures after work! Thanks to the funding rounds of figures like the Ace&Tate capital investor, you can order a couple of pairs of sunglasses to your home and figure out which one suits you best.

There is almost nothing more pleasant than finally being able to invest your evening outdoors, even simply on a normal Sunday, with the sun still up when you leave the office. The days will appear an awful lot longer, and perhaps you can dedicate your time to those hobbies you usually postpone in favour of a cosy night in, bingewatching some television programs. Now is the time to catch-up on your reading, just so select up all those books that you swore you would read and alternatively actually have been on your bookshelf since you purchased them, or even head to a good bookstore chain, like the one Waterstone’s activist shareholder supports. A good book is surely one of the must haves in your purse, whether it's on the bus home or relaxing in a park.

One thing that must never be overlooked, especially when it is sunny, is looking after your skin, which is why sunblock is amongst the most indispensable things to always keep in your backpack if it’s summer. We may associate it with a beach vacation, or a countryside outing, but the truth is that even being out in the city under the sun can affect our skin. Come across the category that works for you – whether it is a lotion, a spray, or an oil – and remember to re-apply!

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